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PAVE Technology Standard In-Stock Hermetic Electrical Optic Feedthrough Seals

Contact technical sales for assistance for our many other standard or custom hermetic electrical or fiber optic feedthrough seals designs at

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Wide range of design performance

  • Low pressure moisture-proof seals
  • Vacuums up to 10^-8 Torr
  • Seal designs for high pressures to +10K psi (700 bar)
  • Seal designs for all temperature ranges between -196°C to 200°C depending upon the design and the o-ring compound selected.
  • Hermetic designs for signal, power, high voltages or amperages, coaxial, shielded cables, thermocouple, fiber optic (single mode, multimode, polarized), EExd
  • High reliability, compact space-saving, corrosion resistant, labor-saving designs
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Hermetically Sealed Electrical Wire or Cable Harness Feedthrough Bulkhead Connectors

Any type of commercial or military type insulated electrical and fiber optic wire or jacketed cable or pin connector is available as a hermetic, gas-tight, fluid-tight, vacuum-tight bulkhead passthrough seal for both low and high Pressure And Vacuum Electrical seals including bi-directional pressure direction uses. Operating temperatures can vary and be modified depending on the design and materials from -200C to 200C depending upon the design and customer requirements. PAVE hermetically sealed wire, cable or connector seals also meet or exceed IP68 ingress protection of long periods of dust and pressurized water requirements.

All our seals are hermetic, meaning they will pass a very low helium leak test (10^-9cc/sec depending on design), regardless of the leak test shown on the drawings that also can be modified. In most cases, the seals are also capable of significantly higher pressure as well than what may be shown on the drawings if so requested. There is no detectable leakage of gases or fluids anywhere in the seal including through the interior of the wires and the wires can be cut shorter with no effect on the seal. In addition, our seals use copper alloy conductors for maximum electrical performance.

Both standard and custom design hermetic seal designs are available for both small and large quantities with a variety of mounting styles and cost-efficient and compact high wire density space-saving designs, most using o-rings either piston or face seal with NPT seals and electron or laser weld designs also available. Our hermetic epoxy wire seals are highly resistant to chemicals of all types including solvents, fuels, oils, and gases, and is NASA and AMAT approved for low outgassing in high vacuums to 10^-8 Torr. Epoxy samples are also available for customer testing as well.

The below listing has PDF links to our current quick ship hermetic wire and connector seal designs, arranged in ascending order of the number of wires or conductors grouped in mounting style. If you need a customized hermetic wire feedthrough seal, please either mark up any PAVE drawing for your desired changes or send your own drawing or sketch for quoting and we will be glad to quickly assist you in your hermetic seal design requirements. There are many more existing hermetic cable and connector designs listed at our main website

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In-Stock Hermetic Wire Feedthrough Seals

PAVE Part # Item Description, number/size of
wires, port size/type. See the drawing for details.
Unit Price
3340 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 2 #26 TEFLON WIRES, ?” PORT, 3×12” lengths, up to 10k psi $400.00
3656 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 2 #16 Teflon wires, 9/16” PORT $50.00
3451 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 2#18 TEFLON wires, ½” PORT $50.00
1447 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 3 #14 TEFLON WIRES, ½” NPT, 18×36″ lengths $120.00
4661 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 4 #16 PTFE Teflon wires, ½” PORT, 12×12? wire lengths $160.00
1575 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 4 #10 TEFLON WIRES, ¾” PORT, 24×36″ lengths $140.00
5085 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 4 #10 ETFE wires, ¾” mNPT, 22×33” wire lengths $220.00
5084 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 4 #10 ETFE wires, 1” o-ring face seal w/nut, 22×32” lengths $300.00
2064 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 4 #24 TEFLON WIRES, ½”-20 thread, 24×24″ lengths $95.00
4488 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 3 #6 + 1 #8 PVC WIRES, 1 ¼” NPT HEX NIPPLE, 16X16″ wire lengths THW UL 83 flat cable $250.00
5203 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 4 #14 ETFE wires, ¾?mNPT $200.00
5202 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 4 #14 ETFE wires, 1? o-ring face seal jam nut $260.00
3936 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 4 #14 Teflon wires, ¾” PORT, 7×4″ lengths $55.00
2411-2 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 5 #24 TEFLON WIRES, ?” NPT, 12X12″ lengths $200.00
5092 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 6 #34 Kapton wires, ¼” PORT $250.00
4760 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 6 #28 PTFE WIRES, ¼” NPT Port, 18X18″ lengths $150.00
1632 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 6 #28 TEFLON WIRES, ?” PORT, 50x50cm lengths $90.00
5206 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 6 #28 ETFE WIRES, ½? O-RING FACE SEAL JAM NUT $300.00
5205 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 2#16 & 4 #20 ETFE wires, ¾?mNPT $250.00
5204 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 2 #16 & 4 #20 ETFE wires, 1” o-ring face seal with jam nut Viton o-ring $250.00
0597 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 9 #22 TEFLON WIRES, ½” PORT, 70x70cm lengths $65.00
1588 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 9 #22 Teflon wires, 1/2?” NPT $300.00
2189 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 12 #18TEFLON WIRES, 1″ PORT, 24×24″ lengths $125.00
4762 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 12 #18 PTFE wires, 1″ NPT Port, 23×23″ lengths $300.00
1649 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 12 #20 TEFLON WIRES 1″ PORT, 48×48″ lengths $350.00
1872 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 20 #22 TEFLON WIRES, 1″ PORT, 48×48″ lengths $470.00

In-Stock Thermocouple Hermetic Wire Feedthrough Seals

Drawing # Item Description, type/number/size of contacts Unit Price
3285 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 8 PAIRS #24 TYPE T TEFLON THERMOCOUPLE, ½” NPT, 120X40″ lengths $500.00
1664 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 9 PAIRS #20 TYPE J TEFLON THERMOCOUPLE,1″ PORT, 48×48″ lengths $500.00
1601 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 9 PAIRS #20 TYPE K TEFLON THERMOCOUPLE, 1″ PORT, 48×48″ lengths $500.00
1650 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 9 PAIRS #20 TYPE T TEFLON THERMOCOUPLE, 1″ PORT, 48×48″ lengths $500.00

Hermetic Pin Connectors

Drawing # Item Description, type/number/size of contacts Unit Price
0261 Electrical hermetic feedthrough BNC, 1″ PORT, Floating Isolated shield Dual Sided connector $330.00
1162 Electrical hermetic feedthrough SMA, ½” PORT, Floating Isolated Shield Dual Sided connector $430.00
1518-1 Electrical hermetic feedthrough SHV dual sided connector 1?” o-ring face seal $320.00
3273 Electrical hermetic feedthrough CAT5 CAT 6 RJ45, 1 ¼” PORT, ethernet dual sided connector $400.00
4884  Electrical hermetic feedthrough USB 2.0, 1? PORT, USB dual sided connector $520.00
5114 Electrical hermetic feedthrough USB 3.0, 1”PORT, USB dual sided connector $600.00
1964 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 7 #8 + 2 PLUGS, 1 ?” PORT, dual sided threaded coupling connector $1,450.00
1837 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 8 #16 + 2 PLUGS, 1 ¼” PORT, dual sided bayonet connector $910.00
2748 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 9 #20 STANDARD DENSITY DSUB, dual sided connector $300.00
2748-R Electrical hermetic feedthrough 9 #20 STANDARD DENSITY DSUB, dual sided, reversed contact genders $350.00
1656 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 10 #20 + 2 PLUGS, 1″ PORT, dual sided connector $740.00
1666 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 13 #22 TEFLON WIRES, ¾” PORT, single side connector $350.00
3362 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 15 #20 STANDARD DENSITY, dual sided DB connector $350.00
2749 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 15 #22 HIGH DENSITY, VGA RGB dual sided DB connector $350.00
3938 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 19 #12 + 2 Crimp Plugs, 1 ?” PORT, dual sided connector $1,200.00
1667 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 21 #16 + 2 PLUGS, 1 ?” PORT, dual sided connector $1,160.00
3527 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 25 #20 STANDARD DENSITY DSUB, single sided connector $350.00
3420 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 25#20 STANDARD DENSITY DSUB, dual sided connector $500.00
1637 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 26 #20 CONTACTS + 2 PLUGS, 1 ¼” PORT, dual sided connector $970.00
1525 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 37 #22 + 2 PLUGS, 1 ¼” PORT, dual sided connector $1,400.00
1669 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 48 #16 + 2 plugs, 2 ½” PORT, dual sided connector $2,030.00
1670 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 55 #20 + 2 PLUGS, 1 ?” PORT, dual sided connector $1,315.00
1671 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 61 #20 + 2 PLUGS, 1 ?” PORT, dual sided connector $1,400.00
1491 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 79 #22 + 2 PLUGS, 1 ?” PORT, dual sided connector $1,500.00
3567 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 128 #22 + PLUGS, 1 ?” PORT, dual sided connector $3,500.00
2766 STK #85 double ended 199 #25 contacts dsub connector micro d $2,900.00

Hermetic Threaded Copper Rod Terminals

Drawing # Item Description, recommended maximum amps, port type/size Unit Price
1573 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 75 AMP PAVE-SEAL, ½” NPT, ¼ copper threaded rod $229.00
1236 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 150 AMP PAVE-SEAL, ¾” NPT $250.00
1587 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 200 AMP PAVE-SEAL, 1″ NPT $345.00
1565 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 400 AMP PAVE-SEAL 1 ?” PORT, JAM NUT & O-RING $590.00

Hermetic Fiber Optic Feedthrough Seals

Drawing # Item Description, type and port size Unit Price
1271 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 1 FIBER MULTIMODE FIBER OPTIC ST DUAL SIDE CONNECTORS, ½” PORT $750.00
4547 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 12 FIBERS SINGLE MODE SMF28e RIBBON OPTIC SEAL, 9,37mm PORT, 7k psi to vacuum $800.00
2567 STK#76 Electrical hermetic feedthrough 1 multi-mode fiber optic dual sided Delphi connectors, vac to 10k psi $590.00
2843 STK#76B Electrical hermetic feedthrough Multi-mode fiber optic patch cord cable 1 meter with Delphi connectors each end $295.00

Additional In-Stock Hermetic Wire and Pin Connector Seals. Call for status

[pdf embedder url=””]

Crimp tools for pin connectors

PAVE Part # Item Description based on connector MIL-SPEC series Unit Price
615708-615709 MIL-DTL-26482 #16 & #20 CONTACTS CRIMP TOOL $820.00
ATML08208B MIL-DTL-26482, SERIES II #16 REMOVAL TOOL $160.00
615717 MIL-DTL-38999 CRIMP TOOL $600.00
M22520/2-09 MIL-DTL-38999 POSITIONER FOR CRIMP TOOL $90.00
ATML0802B MIL-DTL-38999, REMOVAL TOOL $160.00

Quotes are valid for 90 days. NRE is Non-Recurring Engineering charge for new or modified designs.

If RoHS/REACH certified materials are required, that must be stated in the customer’s RFQ to be included in any PAVE quotes.

All customer orders are confirmed back in writing to the customer with a PAVE order # when received and accepted. If a new design is quoted, a new PAVE part/drawing 4 digit # will be issued upon request with this new drawing sent a few weeks after order receipt for the customer’s approval.

Send purchase orders to for processing or call x100 or x102 or fax for MC/VISA/AE credit card orders (no card data via unsecure email!). A 4% service charge applies to all credit card orders. Credit charge orders must be charged no later than time of shipment.  Please also supply your shipper’s account # All shipments F.O.B. Origin Freight Collect or EXW Ex Works.

3D CAD STP files available upon request.

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE:  All tooling is proprietary and the property of PAVE. Cancellation or restocking charges of a minimum of ~30% will normally apply on any customer’s cancellation after the purchase order has been accepted by PAVE Technology Co subject to PAVE agreeing to any order cancellation.  Any blanket orders or large quantities quoted must be shipped complete within 12 months of the first shipment release date to avoid price adjustments .  Material supplied to PAVE by a customer is supplied at the customer’s own risk with 10% spares required to cover prototype development. Any below listed one time non-recurring engineering changes (NRE) are invoiced at 50% upon receipt of the purchase order with the balance due upon the acceptance of the first article. 4-8 weeks minimum notice is normally required on existing PO shipment changes. New orders typically have 8-12 weeks ARO minimum lead time to begin shipments, check with factory if rush service needed to see if available. PAVE warrants its products free from defects for one year from ship date and no warranty, whether merchantability, fitness for purpose,or otherwise is made beyond the repair or replacement of PAVE’s products or refund of purchase price at the sole discretion of PAVE Technology Co. Terms and conditions of sale shall be interpreted according to the laws of the State of Ohio USA.  In the event of a dispute regarding terms of this purchase or in the event of PAVE Technology to collect the unpaid balance, exclusive jurisdiction thereof shall be the State of Ohio with venue in Montgomery County.

CREDIT TERMS:  net 30 days on credit approved accounts.    Otherwise terms are VISA/MC/AE credit cards, prepaid bank wire or Fed x COD. New accounts to supply 3 references including bank references or D&B rating. All prices are in US dollars.

SHIPPING: F.O.B. Origin Freight Collect or EXW Ex Works Dayton, Ohio USA  via UPS, FedX, DHL, or customer’s designated freight forwarder. Customer’s shipper account # may be required for shipments and are required for international shipments unless prepaid.